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The Client: Ardex UK Limited

The Problem: Typical with many thousands of shallow pitched asbestos roofs of a 1970’s /80’s vintage, the roof was found to be leaking badly through the side and end laps of the sheets where driving rain could penetrate. The old mastic had dried out and was not weathertight.
The problems of roof leaks were increased due to the presence of the old PVC rooflights which had become brittle and partially obscured through ageing and general build-up of industrial grime and dirt. The PVC had, typically for a roof of this age, distorted badly, allowing driving rain to enter the building at various points dependant upon wind direction.

Re-roofing was a major concern to the customer who had visions of total disruption and inconvenience and over-cladding had been considered by the client as a possible solution. Belmont Roofing pointed out that over¬cladding would entail replacing the existing rooflights and so negating “the lack of disruption” theory, and by explaining the advantages of getting rid of the fragile asbestos rather than drilling and trapping this during over-cladding, the client agreed stripping and re-roofing was the obvious way forward.

The Solution: Re-roofing. By using safety netting, complete with debris nets, asbestos air monitoring and by employing a skilled professional Belmont Roofing team, the factory was re-roofed with a minimum of fuss and disruption. Belmont Roofing used Kingspan KS1000RW composite roof panels which fully comply with current Building Regulations. The panels, with their attractive white metal lining finish, combined with new triple-skinned insulated rooflights, has transformed the internal appearance of the factory, as well as reducing heating bills and stopping further roof leaks!

What the customer thinks: “As works engineer for Ardex UK Limited (manufactures of high performance tiling and flooring products) we strongly believe in customer satisfaction and giving a first class service. When we receive this same level of service from our suppliers, we are happy to endorse their company. For this reason, I am delighted to recommend the services of Belmont Roofing Limited who have recently completed a very important re-roofing project to the complete production factory and dispatch warehouse. The existing roof had reached the end of its serviceable life and leaks had started to occur.

I contacted three companies for competitive quotes and received a variety of quotations and options. We found the ideas and help given to us by Belmont Roofing to be exceptional and very professional. Belmont provided various options and clearly laid out support literature and site sketches which we found very helpful in making our final decision. Their proposals and detailed quotation fitted within our allocated budget and we appointed Belmont Roofing to act as principal contractors. They completed the work on time and with the minimum of fuss and disruption to our production and within budget. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone with similar re-roofing projects.”
Ardex UK Limited, Chris Gowers, Works Engineer

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