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Solar Solutions – Photovoltaic Systems

Belmont Roofing work closely with Kingspan and as an approved installer of their roofing systems can now offer a fully integrated solar solution in conjunction with their roofing panels.

If you are considering re-roofing your existing factory roof, by involving Belmont Roofing at an early stage we can liaise on your behalf with the expert energy team at Kingspan and provide you with a Kingspan funded solution which will reduce the outlay.

Not only can Kingspan offer fully funded PV systems, they may also be able to provide a low interest loan for 3 years for the total cost of the re-roofing.

In return for a 25 year lease of your roof, the client has the following benefits:-

  • A brand new 25 year, Kingspan guaranteed roof.
  • In addition to the full maintenance of the PV system, Kingspan can also offer roof maintenance free of charge.
  • Entering into an Agreement with Kingspan for an agreed discount of the electricity used by the client for the electricity generated by the PV solar system & is RPI/index linked for 25 years.
  • The new roof will meet current Building Regulations and with a thermally enhanced performance roof will also significantly reduce heating costs.
  • Whilst re-roofing, Belmont will install new triple- skin insulated roof lights which will improve daytime illumination and reduce electricity usage.
  • Predictable energy pricing- a 25 year certainty against fluctuating energy prices.
  • Carbon reduction associated with on-site green electricity production.
  • The working conditions will be enhanced significantly and will increase the building asset value due to its’ improved EPC rating.

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