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Many thousands of older style 1980’s & 70’s and earlier buildings were roofed and clad with asbestos cement.

The majority are standard chrysotile asbestos cement and Belmont Roofing are able to offer our services with either repairs, over-cladding or re-roofing this category of asbestos cement.

However, it is essential to carry out a detailed asbestos survey to ensure which category of asbestos had been used. A visual inspection will not reveal or confirm this. Belmont can arrange this inspection on your behalf.

Concerns continue to grow over the health implications of asbestos in construction. Your building may have suffered asbestos contamination or a notifiable insulation board used which will necessitate external consultants and licenced contractors to be appointed.

Belmont Roofing can arrange the management of asbestos removal and disposal on your behalf and by working closely with these specialists will ensure the building can remain weather tight throughout.

Re-Roofing or Over-Cladding?

There may be tax advantages in removing asbestos as well as many practical advantages.

A new attractive lining panel and new rooflights will greatly improve the internal use and appearance of the building.

Modern-day composite panels will meet current building regulations and hugely improve the thermal efficiency of the building and reduce energy bills.

Over-cladding may be the option if cost is the key driver or where avoiding any disruption is essential.

By discussing your requirements we will provide the correct specification and explain all the options to enable you to reach a decision which is right for you.

EXPERIENCE COUNTS: when it comes to stripping asbestos roofing to occupied factories and replacing with modern day energy efficient systems, a Belmont expert will attend site and discuss the options and provide tailor-made solutions to keep inconvenience and disruption to a minimum.

click here for examples of asbestos refurbishment projects.

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