Belmont Roofing have appointed Keith Crofton as Sales & Marketing Manager

Belmont Roofing have appointed Keith Crofton who joined the team in May 2013 in the role of Sales & Marketing Manager with a view to strengthen and develop the companys’ involvement in the roof refurbishment sector.

Keith is very well known in the roof refurbishment sector where he has been involved with for over 35 years. Originally based in Hertfordshire, working for his own family roofing company which he helped build and develop into one of the UK’s largest roofing companies, he brings with him a wealth and breadth of experience in many of the latest market developments in the refurbishment market.

Says Keith
“I have known of the Belmont name since I first came into the roofing industry in 1975. They have always been regarded as one of East Anglia’s foremost and leading roofing companies and when my wife and I decided to join our family and new granddaughter in Norwich, was delighted and flattered to be given the opportunity of working with them in the role of Sales & Marketing Manager in the industrial and commercial roof refurbishment sector.

My experience has been working directly for Industry & commerce working at all levels, and has involved carrying out roof inspections, report writing and helping with budget planning for a wide range of clients including project managers, building surveyors, factory owners and managers and frankly anyone who has an industrial or commercial roofing problem. Some of the schemes I have been involved with have been major re-roofing to industry and retail, hospitals, prisons and schools but also day to day repairs and maintenance issues.

Directors Paul Arthurs and John Farrow have a desire to increase their market share of roof refurbishment and are already well established in this market, They are currently working for a number of local well known companies and organisations such as Jarrolds, Norwich Football Club, Hoseasons , Norwich Airport and many others and my role is to increase the Belmont brand and simply “do more of the same” .

I hope to meet existing clients and introduce myself and also to make contact with local business and industry who may have need in working with a local professional and respected roofing company”

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